Hello, we are D–Clinic.
Specialists in the field of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine based in Wimpole Street, London. 


Balance –

We've created a place where bespoke care, excellence and patient well-being co-exist in harmony and balance.


D stands for –
dentistry of the highest standard.

We are a small and dedicated team of dental specialists in the field of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine based in Marylebone, London. The clinic predominantly relies on referrals from general dental and medical practitioners and collaborates closely with other specialists within this field, both in the UK and abroad. Responding to a demand, we created a place that operates with expertise, professional service and high-end equipment within a responsive environment. Our ethos is rooted firmly in empathic approach, as well as appreciation for quality, detail and a unique finish.


Innovation –

We are committed to innovation and are intimately engaged in the research community in the United Kingdom and internationally.


D stands for –

Patient needs - with patients being recognised as unique individuals – is at the core of our concept of care. There is no prescribed approach. We believe that every patient is different and we approach you with patience and mindfulness.

Committed to innovation and intimately engaged in the research community in the United Kingdom and internationally, we teach, observe, communicate, and above all listen, creating an open network of specialists across different disciplines of dental practice and oral surgery, and with patients valued as experts in their own right.


Collaboration –

We collaborate with practitioners from various backgrounds and interests to bring a valuable dimension to our practice.


D stands for –

The Clinic has a laidback, informal warmth and architecture that complements the essential ‘cleanliness’ of the medical environment and cutting-edge technology. The discreet design, continuous shapes and smooth textures help to create a natural fluency between the spaces. Coupled with this is a diversity of visual experiences within the clinic. This is in line with our ethos of a holistic service and continuous, personalised care.


Comfort –

We've designed a welcoming, comfortable and caring environment for our patients to enjoy and relax.


D stands for –

Our approach and our experts have adopted a new, more informal and personalised manner of engagement with our patients. We recognise the social, psychological and creative aspects of our work and our world. The practice works as a platform dedicated to developing and practising techniques that help patients feel relaxed and in control throughout their healing journey. A collaboration of practitioners from various backgrounds and interests brings a valuable dimension to our work and research.  We share insights, knowledge and experience on how to help people who experience stress and anxiety in a dental or medical environment.

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Wellbeing –

Our ethos is rooted firmly in an empathic approach, considering every detail of patient care - ensuring every client is left smiling.

D–Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments.