Dental Implants Therapy



Implant therapy is a well-proven dental technique which is widely tested and well researched. The implant is an artificial root that works the same as a natural one. The implant itself is small, but as it is made of biocompatible metals or ceramics, is also very strong. The implant is inserted into the jaw bone in the place of the missing tooth root and acts as a support for the crown or bridge, which will be fixed in top of the implant.

Implant treatment normally involves several stages that take place over a period of time from three to nine months: 

Implant placement:

The implant placement is a surgical procedure that is performed under sterile conditions in the dental surgery. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation if required. If, during assessment, the underlying bone is considered to be deficient, a number of options are available for bone regeneration. Bone regeneration is carried out prior to or at the same time as implant placement depending on your requirements.

Integration period

Once the implant is inserted, it can take from six weeks to six months to fuse with your bone, a process called "osseointegration". During this healing phase, temporary dentures or bridgework can be worn as appropriate. In some cases, temporary teeth can be  fixed to the implants while they integrate in a process known as ‘immediate loading’.

The restorative phase

Once integrated, the implants can be brought into function with a variety of new teeth options (definitive restorations) ranging from a single crown, small or large bridge or a removable over denture. A dental technician who works closely with us constructs these restorations.


Following completion of implant treatment, the patient must regularly and thoroughly clean the new teeth (restorations) as instructed. A dental hygienist may also advise on care and maintenance of the restorations and natural teeth. Regular visits to your dentist are essential so that the health of the soft tissue, bone levels and the integrity of the restoration can be reviewed.

The implant itself

We only use the Straumann implant system, which is the best quality implant system on the market. Straumann’s original surface is designed to increase treatment predictability and shorten the healing time. The unique implant material allows for more treatment options that are less invasive.

Further information

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is a registered charity dedicated to providing the profession with continuing implant education and the public with a greater understanding of the benefits of dental implants. 




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