Dr Dejan Dragisic

Specialist in Oral Surgery

The multi-disciplinary and holistic approach Dejan adopts in his work stems from his University training in Germany, which specialised in combining the merits of philosophy, sociology and psychology in order to create a more rounded qualification. 

As an Oral surgeon, Dejan specialises in surgical intervention for patients who may require expert care. Complex extractions and implant therapy along with bone augmentation, such as sinus lifts and soft tissue rehabilitation is an important aspect of this speciality.



D–Clinic associates –

Stefano Fedele

Stefano Fedele

Professor Stefano Fedele

Specialist in Oral Medicine

Stefano is a Professor at University College London/University College London Hospital.

His specialism includes the diagnosis and detection of oral cancers, the non-surgical management of diseases of the salivary glands and jawbone.


Theo Kapos

Theo Kapos

Dr Theo Kapos

Certificate in Prosthodontics (Harvard)

Theo has a special interest in dealing with the prosthodontic care of the most complex and demanding cases, especially those requiring full mouth rehabilitation in conjunction with or independently of implants.


Christian Mehl

Christian Mehl

Dr Christian Mehl

Specialist in Prosthodontics

Christian studied at the University of Kiel in Germany, where he completed his PhD in Prosthodontics and where he now also lectures. He owns his own dental clinic and laboratory in Munich. 

Christian will deal with the complex prosthetic and restorative care of patients in order to achieve the most aesthetic and complete reconstruction of the mouth.


Raul Costa

Raul Costa

Raul Costa

Dentist with special interest in biomimetic dentistry

Raul graduated from the University of Lisbon in 2005 and his subsequent training and research has been dedicated to minimising the invasiveness of conventional dentistry and improving the function and aesthetics of teeth. His goal is to be able to help our patients using the latest technology and improving the condition of your teeth whether this means hygiene sessions, a simple restoration or full mouth rehabilitation.  

Raul specialises in biomimetic dentistry - minimally invasive procedures that emulate the natural      properties of teeth. This approach allows dentists to achieve maximum conservation of tooth structure, better function and exceptional aesthetics. 




Lana Fattah


Ms Lana Fattah


Lana is the hygienist at the Clinic and since she qualified from the University of Essex in 2010, has worked in both private and mixed practices

Lana works at the Clinic on a number of days per month and uses a specialist Air Flow therapy which is an advanced version of a scaling and polish treatment without the use of chemicals. 

She ensures her patients understand how important it is to prevent gum disease and in cases where irreversible disease has occurred, her patients are treated and educated on how to best control and maintain their oral health in order to prevent further damage.



D–Clinic support staff –


Helga Borbely – Dental Nurse


Estanislau Fernandes – Dental Nurse


Emanuella Sarro – Patient co-ordinator


Sunita Jordan – Clinic Manager


D–Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments.